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How to Keep Your Pool Pump Working Smoothly

Your swimming pool pump is the heart of your pool’s circulation system. If you care for it properly, it will keep working smoothly. However, there are a few basic operation and maintenance rules. Let’s look at a few: Regularly Clean the Pump Basket The pump basket should be cleared out weekly and even more frequently during the fall and spring when there is more debris…

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Vinyl Pool Liner

Signs That You Need to Replace a Vinyl Pool Liner

If your pool’s liner is looking weathered, chances are it may need repair or even replacement. A vinyl liner should last up to 15 years. However, certain factors may influence its durability. If you’re living in an area that is susceptible to groundwater problems, this could reduce your liner’s life. Another factor which could contribute is an incorrect pool pH balance. If you have suspicions…

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Inground Pool

Salt or Chlorine? We Weigh Up Your Inground Pool Options

When having an inground pool installation done, you are faced with the decision to go chlorine or salt.  The best thing to do is to investigate which kind of pool is best suited to your budget and lifestyle.  As most of us are familiar with chlorinated swimming pools, let’s look at a few facts on salt water pools: Salt water pools do have chlorine in…

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In Ground Pool

Installing A New Inground Pool Should Be a Dream – Not a Nightmare

Have you ever considered getting a new inground pool installed? But you were not sure where to go? And what it would cost?  Perhaps you’ve even heard one or two stories where a pool project dragged on forever? Or worse, went horribly wrong?  Well, installing a pool should NOT be a nightmare at all!  What is required though, is careful planning by the prospective pool…

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Pool Installation

What’s the Best Time of Year for Your Inground Pool Installation?

Thinking about a new pool? There is a common misconception that an inground pool installation in the off-season is cheaper. Although this appears to make logical sense, from a pool builder’s perspective, the time of year is largely irrelevant. The material, labor, and overhead costs of an inground swimming pool installation remain the same regardless of the time of year. The best time for a…

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sports outdoor pool in winter for exercise and health

How to Care for Your Swimming Pool Through the Winter

With the summer days drawing to a close, the pool may not be frequented as often as it used to. But, that is no reason to neglect it! Your inground pool could require leak and crack repairs if not properly maintained. Here are 10 tips for maintaining your pool throughout winter: Add Mid-Winter Algaecide Use an algaecide that stays in the water for a long…

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