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What to Do When Your Vinyl Pool Liner Comes Out of Its Track

If you own a vinyl lined pool, one of your most common causes for concern will be the liner coming out of its track. Normally, a liner slipping out of its coping track is easily reparable at home and no cause for alarm. However, it may be symptomatic of an old liner or coping, and you may have to look into vinyl pool liner replacement.

Aged Vinyl 

A vinyl pool liner coming out of its track could be a symptom of an old liner. An old pool liner that has reached the end of its service life has lost most of the plasticizers that were added to vinyl. These plasticizers are what make the vinyl stretchy and malleable. Without plasticizers, where once it would be able to bend and fit into place, you will find it is now rigid and unyielding. In this case, you are going to need a swimming pool liner replacement. Some boiling water will soften it enough for you to fit it back in along the track, but this is a temporary solution. You need to enlist the services of vinyl pool liner replacement contractors to get a proper fix.

Track Fault 

In some instances, it could be that the vinyl pool liner is in good condition and it is the fault of the track that the liner has fallen out. In this case, it is the track that needs repair or replacement. Tracks come in two different materials: Aluminum and PVC.

  1. Aluminum

Aluminum is more expensive but it is more durable and longer lasting. It also has the added advantage that is can be bent back into place if the liner comes loose.

  1. PVC

PVC is cheaper but is prone to stretching over time. If your liner in your PVC track has come loose, there is no recourse but to replace the entire track in your pool.

Mr. Pool 

If you are looking for vinyl pool liner replacement, Mr. Pool is the place to go. We stock only the best quality Matrix Pool liners with a variety of designs to suit your every need. For more information, contact us today.


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