Troubleshooting Common Pool Pump Problems

Troubleshooting Common Pool Pump Problems

One of the key elements of maintaining a clean and healthy pool system is making sure your pump is in tip-top condition. Having a faulty pump can lead to a loss of pressure in the pool, and pressure is needed to ensure the steady flow of water through the filtration system. Mr. Pool specializes in the renovation as well as the installation of inground swimming pools. Here are a few common issues that can occur with pumps:

  • The Pump Is Sucking In Air

Pool pumps are designed to be airtight. Therefore, should there be an air leak it can create problems with the circulation of water throughout the system? The most common causes are corroded sealants where the pipe meets the pump as well as cracks in the actual piping. Call Mr. Pool and we will have your pump problems sorted in a heartbeat.

  • The Pump Is Leaking Water

This generally occurs when there is a crack in the piping of the pump. However, it could also be caused by bad shaft sealants or a corroded housing O-ring.

  • The Pump Does Not Pull Water

Should your pump not be pulling water then the first step you should take is to check the skimmer and pump baskets and make sure that they are empty. A full pump basket could result in a restriction of water flow. Another one of the main causes for lack of suction is when there is an air leak in the suction line; this suction line is where the pump gets fed the water from the pool.

Mr. Pool specializes in inground pool installations. With a wide range of pool designs available we guarantee customer satisfaction! We also specialize in the renovation of inground pools. With our help; any pool pump problem that may arise can be sorted out. So, all you have to do is enjoy your swim. To see the wide range of designs we offer, please look at our website. To get a price or an estimate on our inground swimming pool installations, you can contact us today and get a quote. Make your dream pool a reality with Mr. Pool.


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