Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Pets

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Pets

You have just installed your new inground swimming pool. Undoubtedly, you are very excited about it. However, swimming pool safety must always be considered. Normally, one associated swimming pool safety with children. But, the likelihood of a dog drowning in a pool is just as high. In addition to overseeing your new inground pool installation, at Mr. Pool, we have also created this list of animal safety tips around a swimming pool.

  1. Make Sure Your Pets Can Swim
    Many people believe that most animals can instinctively swim. This is not necessarily true. Even if your breed of pet is known for their aquatic ability, your particular furry friend might never have been exposed to water and may not be able to swim. In order to ensure they are capable of swimming, gently bring them into the water with you and try holding their back ends up until they start to paddle away on their own. Don’t expect them to get the hang of it straight away.
  2. Show Them How to Get Out
    Once your pet can swim on its own, it is essential that they learn how to get in and out of the pool on their own. If they are comfortable in the water, they might swim while you aren’t there. As such, they will need to be able to exit the pool. Whilst it might add to the cost of a new inground swimming pool, pool steps allow your pets to exit very easily.
  3. Dont Let Them Drink Pool Water
    If your animal like swimming they will likely get some water in their mouths. Keep an eye on them drinking out of the pool though. Chlorinated water is not good for them.
  4. Be Aware of Heatstroke
    Splashing around in the water is fun, but it could lead to heatstroke in your pet. Ensure you are familiar with the signs and symptoms of heatstroke in your animal. Also, take care to ensure that the surrounding brick or concrete isn’t hot enough to burn your pet’s paws.

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