Catch Swimming Pool Leaks Early with These Tips!

Catch Swimming Pool Leaks Early with These Tips!

Swimming pools are a lot of fun and a great addition to any home. However, much like all things they require maintenance. One major issue with inground swimming pools is the possibility of leaks. Leaks are hard to detect as there is no obvious water exit mark in an inground pool, and therefore, inground pool leak repair can be expensive. Mr. Pool specializes in inground pool repairs, and as such we have compiled this list to assist you in catching leaks in your pool.

  1. Ensure You Actually Have a Leak
    It is not unusual to lose up to two inches of water in your pool per week due to evaporation. This is a consequence of air temperature, humidity, and weather. To be sure you have a leak, set up a bucket next to your pool filled with water. Compare the water loss in the bucket with that in the pool over the course of several days. If there is a difference, you have a leak.
  2. Plumbing Leaks
    First, ensure you have checked the obvious:
  • Cracks in the filters,
  • Water gushing from the pump, and so on.

If those boxes have all been checked, then you need to try to find the leak in the system. There are two ways to identify the leak:

  • You can pressure test the lines, then dig, following the leaking line till you find it.
  • If you don’t like digging or ruining your lawn, you can call the professionals in inground pool pipe leak repair, Mr. Pool. We use geophones to find the leak and dig only where necessary.
  1. Leaks in A Concrete Pool
    Using a little food coloring, you can test any visible cracks in the pool shell for leaks:
  • Ensure that the pump is turned off,
  • Squeeze and drop some food coloring near the cracks,
  • If it gets drawn in, you know there’s a leak.

If you don’t see any visible cracks, try to establish if there is a leak in the near-the-pool items, such as:

  • Lights,
  • Drain, and

These areas are all susceptible to a leak.

You can then attempt to patch the leak yourself. The better option would be to call your local inground pool leak repair specialists. At Mr. Pool, we can both stop the leaks and take care of your inground pool crack repair job.

  1. Leaks in A Vinyl Pool
    If you have a vinyl liner in your pool, it is highly recommended that you call the specialists in inground pool vinyl liner repair. Any mistakes could ruin the liner and call for a new one – which is an expensive undertaking.

Mr. Pool

With 30 years of experience in pool services, Mr. Pool is your go-to specialist for inground pool repairs. At Mr. Pool, we pride ourselves on honesty, trustworthiness, and impeccable service. We have a variety of replacement liners at your disposal, or you can contact us for more information.


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