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Salt or Chlorine? We Weigh Up Your Inground Pool Options

When having an inground pool installation done, you are faced with the decision to go chlorine or salt.  The best thing to do is to investigate which kind of pool is best suited to your budget and lifestyle.  As most of us are familiar with chlorinated swimming pools, let’s look at a few facts on salt water pools:

  • Salt water pools do have chlorine in them, but the chlorine levels are much lower.
  • Chlorine isn’t added externally, but is produced by a salt water generator/chlorinator through the process of chemical electrolysis.
  • Lower chlorine levels cause salt water pools to be less drying to the skin.
  • Salt water pools can be more expensive at the onset, due to the generator.
  • There is also the electrical cost of the generator operation to keep in mind.

Even with all these upfront costs, it is important to know that a salt water pool’s maintenance is much lower:

  • The cost of the chlorine pool chemicals outweighs the cost of the generator as time progresses.
  • Chlorine pools take commitment, while salt water pools require a small investment upfront, but thereafter it’s a question of switching your equipment on and off!

No wonder more and more hotels and water parks are converting to salt water pools, mainly because over time, they are less expensive and requires less effort to keep clean.

Those with the money upfront for a salt water pool are sure to enjoy their choice.  At Mister Pool, we offer packages that include a generator suited to your pool size.  Our comprehensive inground pool installation service will ensure that you have a hassle-free inground pool installation.

Choosing your best option depends on your budgetary requirements and the time you intend to spend on caring for it.  At Mister Pool, we offer expert advice to assist you in choosing the option that best suits your budget and lifestyle.  Celebrating 30 years in the industry, we are your inground pool installation service provider of choice!  For more information, contact us today.


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